Iberville Community Theatre

We are always looking for stagehands, directors, actors, builders, cuers, makeup artist, hairdressers, and volunteers of every sort. No matter who you are, you have something to give. Help us to make a difference. Download the volunteer from and email your interest to info@wearethedifference.org.

  Download the Volunteer Form

Theatre Committee Members

Thank you to our theatre committee for their time and dedication.

  • Gina LoBue
  • Peggy Allain
  • Rosemary Brocksmith
  • Vincent Orcino
  • Danielle Bayham-Board Liason

Our sets are built by Vincent Orcino and Brett Harrell.
Leigh Ann Marionneaux is our set designer on most projects.
Laura Bellot and Doris Mendoza take care of our costumes
Craig Bellot, Laura Bellot, Doris Mendoza-Caterers to the Stars